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for your family?

Your Law Firm for Experienced Estate Planning, Probate and Trust Administration Services


We’re a Larkspur-based law firm serving Marin County and the Greater Bay Area.  We are devoted exclusively to affordable and thoughtful estate planning and administration for our clients. 

We are passionate about helping you make a lasting impact through comprehensive and carefully-tailored planning. We believe in the power and value of those legacies, and we create them through a collaborative, educational approach with you.

Your legacy plan should not only handle the legal details; it should  reflect who you are as a person and embody your unique values and goals. 

Let's talk about how you can make an impact on the lives of your children, grandchildren, your community, and the causes you believe in. Let us help you craft your legacy today. 


To learn more, call 415-235-9162 and click below to download our free brochure, Understanding Estate Planning

What To Expect At Your
Estate Planning Consultation

A personal consultation with an experienced attorney is the essential first step in preparing an estate plan. That's why our consultations are a full 60 minutes.  This will give us time to learn about you and your needs.  

Your first meeting with an estate planning attorney may seem a little daunting, especially if you’ve never consulted an attorney before. There’s no need to worry, however. This meeting is just a conversation in which we will find out about you, your family, and your goals. After you’ve shared this information, we will be able to recommend a range of estate planning tools, helping you tailor a plan that meets your needs.


Getting to Know You


At the start of your consultation, we will ask you questions about you, your family, and your finances. Some of the areas of your life that you may need to share about are those that can impact the type  of planning you’ll need to protect your assets and family, including:


Whether you’re married,

How many children and grandchildren you have,

Whether you’ve had any previous marriages,

Your age and the ages of the people in your family,

What assets you own, the value of those assets, and how they’re titled,

Whether you currently have a Will, a Trust, or other estate planning

documents, and

Which people you want to put in charge of your money, your children, and other important aspects of your life in case you die or become disabled.


Sometimes, clients have personal situations they are hesitant to share with anyone – even their attorney. If this is your situation, the questions we ask may seem uncomfortable or intrusive. The reason these questions are asked is so that we know what issues to anticipate. This way, we can help you plan around them.


First and foremost, remember that the information you tell us will remain confidential unless you give permission to disclose it. Second, the reason we need to know is to design a tailored estate plan that accomplishes your goals.


Putting Your Plan in Place


After we gathers all your information, we will review your goals with you and discuss the best strategies for achieving those goals.  We will agree on the appropriate strategies, and we will put together a set of documents that carries out these strategies. For example, we may advise you to have a living trust to help you maintain control of your assets during your lifetime, while keeping those assets out of probate at your death.  We may also recommend powers of attorney to designate who will make financial and medical decisions for you, if you become unable to handle these matters for yourself.


Our job is to put together a plan that achieves your goals, and to ensure you understand how it works. When you leave your consultation, you should know the basic framework of your estate plan as well as the basic purpose for each part of your plan. You should also know what to expect from the estate planning process: the next steps and whose responsibility they are.


After you establish an estate plan tailored to your needs, you’ll have peace of mind and be able to breathe a sigh of relief knowing your future is secure!

We provide our valued clients with experienced and affordable estate planning, probate and trust administration services.  Most of all, we provide peace of mind. 

Our main offices are conveniently located in Larkspur, Marin County near the Larkspur Landing Ferry Terminal.  We have regional offices in San Francisco, Berkeley, Oakland and Walnut Creek to better serve our clients outside Marin.  

Our 60-minute attorney consultations are only $150 and available in person or via phone or Zoom.  Call 415-235-9162 or book a consultation on our website.

Our goal is always your complete satisfaction.  Read all our 5-star client reviews on Yelp and Google Reviews! 

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Offices Located Throughout The Bay Area

We serve clients throughout the Bay Area. Our main office is in Larkspur.  We also have offices in San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley and Walnut Creek. 

Remote and Mobile Services Available

We offer our clients the safety of remote estate planning and administration through the use of phone, email, Zoom or other methods.   

Unlike most law firms today, we offer mobile estate planning.  This is perfect if you prefer to discuss your estate planning needs at your home, office or care facility. 

Home: Welcome

Make this the year to finally do your estate plan.  Don't let California and courts decide who gets your property.  If you need to probate a loved one's estate or administer a trust, let us help. Take the first step today to peace of mind. 


or contact us directly at 415.235.9162


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Book Your Estate Planning, Probate or Trust Administration Consultation

Without doubt, having an up-to-date estate plan is one of the most important things you will ever do for yourself and your loved ones.  


With our high level of service and competitive rates, we simplify estate planning, probate and trust administration.

Take the first step today and schedule a 60-minute consultation with an experienced attorney.  You will be very glad you did. 

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